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Laser Cleaning

Laser Cleaning

Laser cleaning efficiently removes contaminants from various surfaces, including metal cleaning and stone cleaning, through laser ablation. This method directs a laser beam onto the dirt, causing it to evaporate or flake off without requiring physical contact or chemicals, minimizing the risk of damage. It is more efficient than traditional methods such as sandblasting, reducing labor and material costs.

Benefits of Laser Cleaning


Laser cleaning is considered one of the safest methods for laser rust removal and graffiti removal, as it avoids the use of chemicals or abrasive methods.


It allows for precise biofilm removal, targeting individual layers without damaging others.

Chemical and Physical Neutrality

The minimal heat and absence of chemicals in processes like oil removal and laser mold cleaning protect the cleaned surface.

Environmentally Friendly

This method is eco-friendly, producing no waste other than the electricity used, with contaminants being effectively filtered out.


Laser cleaning shortens the time needed for rust removal and metal cleaning, crucial in heritage conservation.

Where is laser cleaning used

Heritage Conservation & Restoration

Laser cleaning provides a gentle, effective, and non-abrasive method for stone cleaning and metal cleaning at heritage sites, safely removing harmful deposits without chemicals. This environmentally friendly process prevents any waste runoff and dispersion of airborne particles.

Powder Coating & Paint Removal

Laser cleaning is a safe and efficient alternative to outdated methods like sandblasting, effectively removing hazardous coatings from metals and other substrates without surface damage and negating the need for post-cleanup.

Injection Mold Cleaning

Laser mold cleaning is a rapid, safe, and green method for removing stubborn residues from injection molds, maintaining their original profiles without the use of chemicals.

Paint Removal

Laser cleaning offers an eco-friendly approach to paint removal, efficiently clearing paint from metals and other substrates without harming the underlying material and without the need for chemicals.

Rust Removal

Laser rust removal effectively cleans rust and corrosion from metal surfaces quicker and in a more environmentally friendly manner than traditional methods, preserving the integrity of the metal.

Grease & Oil Removal

Advanced Laser Restoration swiftly and effectively performs oil removal from various surfaces, exploiting the dark colors of these contaminants which quickly absorb the laser’s heat and evaporate.

Graffiti Removal

Laser cleaning is particularly effective for graffiti removal, rapidly heating and evaporating paint layers while keeping the substrate intact and clean, with no residual waste.

Removal of Soot Deposits

Laser cleaning is the perfect solution for removal of soot deposits from surfaces damaged by fire, cleaning effectively without harming the underlying material.

Biofilm Removal

Laser cleaning efficiently eradicates biofilms, which are resistant to traditional cleaning methods, by vaporizing them and preventing their regrowth, thereby extending the cleanliness of surfaces.

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