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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Barrington, IL – How To Maintain & Increase Longevity of Your Wood Floors


Hardwood flooring can last for generations if you take good care of it. Doing so requires a few simple steps that should be taken regularly to keep your beautiful floors looking their best and maintain their durability. These may include sweeping or dusting daily, vacuuming every week or two weeks, cleaning with special wood-floor cleaners each month, and refinishing once every five years. With these basic maintenance tasks done regularly – even if they seem tedious – your wooden floors will stay strong through the years.


Refinishing- to make your floors like new again

Hardwood floor Refinishing is the way forward if you want to return your wooden floors to their original, vibrant glory. We offer two different techniques available – traditional refinishing and dustless hardwood flooring – minor scratches and dents can be repaired quickly and easily. Give your wood a makeover with this simple but effective procedure with A Floor Clinic Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Barrington.


Repairing squeaky wood floors

Hardwood floor installation can be the perfect way to spruce your home, but you may be dealing with some high-pitched issues. Squeaks in wooden floorboards occur when two pieces of wood rub against each other, creating friction that leads to an annoying sound. The good news is it’s easy -and relatively inexpensive-to eliminate these sounds by applying a dusting of graphite or a dry lubricant onto the affected area. Now you’ll have peace (of mind) and harmony throughout your house.


Floor polishing – for getting a new life to the old flooring

Revive your wood flooring with the help of an expert! Floor polishing is a great way to restore that old, worn-out look and make it last longer. With skilled hands taking up this job, you won’t have to worry about replacing the entire floor – get its surface polished for a brand-new feel without breaking the bank.


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