Professional Hardwood Flooring Contractors in Arlington Heights For Hardwood Floor Refinishing Arlington Heights, IL

At A Floor Clinic, we offer a full range of services to provide quality hardwood flooring in Arlington Heights and the surrounding areas. We have over 20 years of experience with hardwood floor installation, refinishing, and repair making us fully capable of giving you the floors you want.

With the help of our expertise, you will be able to choose the perfect floors for your home or office and our outstanding hardwood flooring contractors in Arlington Heights can install it for you with great precision.

Already have hardwood floors that look worn out? A Floor Clinic can also bring floors back to life, making them look beautiful with our hardwood floor refinishing in Arlington Heights. If you need hardwood floor repair, we can handle that too.

There is nothing that completes the look of any space like new hardwood floors and A Floor Clinic is the perfect source to get your hardwood flooring in Arlington Heights.



Hardwood Floor Installation

A Floor Clinic contractors are experts with hardwood floor installation in Arlington Heights. We are ready to make your floors turn out just right for your home or business. Our hardwood floor installation is done very precisely by professionals with the experience that includes all types of hardwood.

Hardwood Floor Repair

When your floors are damaged from scratches, dents, and gauges, A Floor Clinic is the best solution thanks to our hardwood floor repair in Arlington Heights, IL. We can eliminate those damaged spots and make your floors look perfect once again.


Hardwood Floor Refinishing

With A Floor Clinic’s hardwood floor refinishing in Arlington Heights, you can change the color of your floors or make your old, worn out floors shine again. Our professional flooring experts can bring the beauty back to your floors.

Hardwood Floor Dustless Sanding

Our dustless sanding technique allows us to work on your hardwood flooring in Arlington Heights without the mess. Our refinishing process uses cutting edge tools to reduce the dust to a minimum while we take great care of your floors for a smooth finish.


Our Hardwood Flooring Options in Arlington Heights

With so many flooring options available, we’ll help you choose the right one. Contact our flooring experts to find that perfect fit for you.


Hardwood Floors

A Floor Clinic is full of choices available for solid hardwood flooring in Arlington Heights and we can provide professional hardwood floor installation for you.


Unfinished Hardwood Floors

We can offer you unfinished hardwood flooring in Arlington Heights and provide the perfect finish and just the right shine for your space.


Laminate Flooring

Our laminate floor installation in Arlington Heights is simple and looks great in any room whether it’s your home or office.


Engineered Hardwood Floors

Engineered hardwood flooring in Arlington Heights has the easy installation similar to laminate and the stunning look of solid hardwood for your home.


Exotic Hardwoods

A Floor Clinic is the right place to find all kinds of exotic hardwoods like Brazilian cherry wood, mahogany, and so much more.


Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is a versatile flooring option that offers different looks and is very easy to install. Your home can look great on a budget vinyl floor installation in Arlington Heights.

Why Choose Our Hardwood Flooring Contractors
Arlington Heights, IL

Large Selection
of Flooring

A Floor Clinic carries a huge selection of floors from hardwood flooring to laminate, vinyl and more. Visit us to discuss your options and see your choices for hardwood flooring in Arlington Heights.

Expert Flooring

Our hardwood flooring contractors in Arlington Heights are here to give your floors the personal attention that will bring a whole new beauty and shine.

Incredible Knowledge
of Hardwood

If you’re not sure what kind of floors you’re looking for, our experienced hardwood flooring contractors in Arlington Heights can help you decide on the right floors for your space.

Hardwood Floor Installation Arlington Heights, IL - FAQ

Hardwood flooring, what is it?

Hardwood flooring is a product that is made from real wood sawn that is placed on your floor. These can come in planks, strips, parquet patterns, and other shapes that would match your home. Hardwood floor installation in Arlington Heights without a factory finish and the finish is applied on site.

How to protect hardwood flooring from scratches?

Purchasing small felt pads is one way to protect your hardwood flooring in Arlington Heights. You should know that hardwood flooring is naturally resistant to damages or scratches.

How much is the cost of hardwood installation?

The cost depends on the type of wood, size, and maintenance you need to do for your hardwood flooring in Elmhurst.

Will laminate waterproof the hardwood flooring?

It works sometimes but not always. With more common laminate water, it can cause significant damage, especially when water soaks into the hardwood flooring in Arlington Heights.

How To Protect Hardwood Flooring Arlington Heights, IL

Hardwood flooring is a significant investment, so you might want to take these simple steps to protect your hardwood flooring in Arlington Heights.

  • Limit traffic-Try to minimize using wheeled toys for kids, avoid walking in high heels, and sliding furniture legs or large boxes.
  • Avoid or limit cleaning your hardwood flooring with water- water can cause decay. Instead, use a vacuum or a cleaner that is specifically designed for hardwoods.
  • Clean up pooled water immediately- Clean water right away to avoid seeming between floorboards.
  • Clip pets’ nails- Sharp nails can scratch and damage your floor finish.
  • Do not over-sand your flooring- hard sanding can rip your hardwood flooring’s topcoat and can weaken your floorboards.
  • Lay down mats and runners- lay down mats in wet areas like kitchen sink or dishwater to capture spills and in front of the doorway.

We offer hardwood floor refinishing, hardwood floor installations, and hardwood floor repair. Our hardwood flooring contractors in Arlington Heights can assist you anytime you need.

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Our expertise has a wide reach across the region as we serve communities from North Chicago down to Naperville and all points in between. Contact A Floor Clinic for your hardwood flooring. We’re ready to bring your floors to you.
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