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Signs It’s Time to Do a Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Significant Scratches and Marks

Scratches can occur from anything – moving furniture and pets roaming around. Scuffs covering a large area are more than just an aesthetic problem. Floors become susceptible to water damage as some marks penetrate the wood, harming it. 

Water Damage

Damage from water frequently causes splitting, buckling, or warping of the wood and will require restoration. Many cracks and crevices for water to enter, leading to warping and perhaps mildew growth. Occasionally, even a refinish is insufficient to solve the issue. 

Hints of nails.

It’s a hazard. The agony you and your family may experience from having exposed nails goes beyond just being an unaesthetic annoyance.


Your stunning hardwood floor’s durability that’s solid wood made is one of its most attractive features. However, it can’t escape from deteriorating, especially in rooms like the living room or foyer. With this, watch out for stains, which indicate excessive wear and strain on your floors.

Creaking or Moving Floorboards

Evaluate your hardwood flooring if walking through your house seems like strolling through a haunted house. Creaking floorboards typically indicate that the wood is rubbing against the subfloor or one another. It might indicate aging, but it also denotes diminished structural integrity.

A Sun-induced Tan

Natural light is often desired in homes; however, your hardwood flooring might not want it. Long-time sun exposure leads to deterioration, in the evidence of faded colors. While it can be temporarily resolved by reapplication of stains, subjecting it to refinishing is much more worthwhile. 

Refinishing is one of the finest ways to manage your floor maintenance schedule. If you wish to do so, find reputable hardwood flooring contractors near you, like us, A Floor Clinic Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Chicago & Surrounding Areas! We got you and all your hardwood flooring needs – hardwood floor installation, repair, and hardwood floor refinishing!

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